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Name: Ocwen Financial Corporation
12001 Science Drive Suite 110,
United States - 32827

My husband and I are both so annoyed at OCWEN because it seemed as if nobody could help us with what we needed at all. The advisor that OCWEN gave us was of no use to us at all and we were forced to run around in circles dealing with so much paperwork. This really annoy…

04 April

I am very aware of my financial responsibilities and that is why when I received assistance with my finances along with money orders, I made it a point to post payment to OCWEN. However, it seemed as if OCWEN did not credit all the money orders that I had because one of…

15 March

We have been struggling with OCWEN for way too long and we have a sizeable loan with them. the problem is we cannot seem to talk to any sort of customer service representative who can help us out with the whole…

05 March

We knew that we had completely paid off the money that we owed. We called OCWEN and told them that the checks were already ready and they told us it would take 30 days to process these things. However, when we called them again there were several problems that had just …

19 February

I am so annoyed at OCWEN because i still have not received my money from their escrow service. Another issue that I have been having is that they seem to have their information so hidden that I do not know where there offices are at. They said they would get to me after…

06 February

OCWEN loan services recently switched my insurance company, and I found out that even my payment obligations also shifted. This is absolutely unreasonable. I have been slapped with an increase of almost a hundr…

24 January


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