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I am a little surprised with Omegle because for the past couple of months it has been so difficult to connect to their service and I keep getting a message to try again after some time. I have tried accessing the Omegle service on my other devices, but this problem was …

22 March

I do not know why Omegle has been giving me so many captchas as of late and it is seriously affecting how I use the website. I do not think I have been engaging in anything that is violating the terms of servic…

09 March

I have been enjoying the services of Omegle for so many years because it has allowed me a great way to enjoy myself when I have been bored and alone. What strikes me about this service is that I cannot even enj…

23 February

I have been a long time fan of the Omegle service because it is such a great way to pass time and meet random people. However, I have been receiving so many problems with it because we all now how people just skip and skip, and I keep getting captchas that make the expe…

12 February

I have been using Omegle for so long and I know that I have never violated their community guidelines but I cannot access Omegle for some reason. I already tried changing my IP address to no avail, nothing seems to work for me anymore. I really miss using the service an…

30 January

I keep on getting the same error message on my screen and I have even tried using a different system but this website still does not allow me from logging in to my account. I want to be able to use my account a…

11 January


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