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Name: OneAssist Consumer Solutions Private Limited
Toll free: 1808 0333 333
707-708-709, Acme Plaza, Andheri - Kurla Road, Andheri (E)
United States - 400059

I am a little angry at OneAssist because to this date, my plan with them still has not been activated yet. I have already paid for my plan and the money was already completely deducted from my account, but for …

19 March

I cannot believe the attitude of the people who run the cancellation department over at OneAssist. I had purchased myself some insurance and the next day I really felt like I did not this insurance in the first…

08 March

I had not been made aware that my credit card from OneAssist had been activated and they are know charging me for this. I had not made an explicit request for my credit card to be activated and this has been su…

21 February

I had my phone serviced by the folks over at OneAssist and I realized that these guys are complete scammers. When my phone got back it had different IMEI number and other parts of the phone were not working. I cannot believe how they could change the IMEI of my phone an…

08 February

OneAssist has activated an account which I did not ask for and although I repeatedly asked customer representatives of OneAssist to cancel this, it still is not happening. I really need this to be reversed and …

26 January


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