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I was trying to get myself tickets for Radio City, but I happened to not have realized that I was on the website instead. Before I could hit submit I made sure that I was out of their webs…

1 d

I wanted a nice present for my dear husband but I was not granted the chance to get him the tickets that he wanted by because they were never forwarded to me. did tak…

09 March

I have been forced to now bear with two sets of tickets, one from and the other from a different vendor. This was all a result of not being able to send me a confirma…

26 February

My husband and I wanted to watch a concert and we were trying to buy tickets on a website that redirected us to This is why we thought that they were the final vendor for all of the ticke…

12 February will show you a bunch of tickets that it says are available but they come with one very nasty catch: they are nowhere where your seats are supposed to be at all. This is not only disrespectful from the towards their customers …

30 January

I bought tickets thinking that they were in Canadian Dollars not in US Dollars, I need someone to tell how to cancel or refund, so that I may be able to get my money in whole. It's weird because the amount is t…

12 January


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