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I cannot believe that OpinionOutpost would just close my account out of the blue when I decided to redeem my 100 points with them. It seemed almost as if they do not want me to redeem my points at all and I hav…

23 March

I would advise the people reading this and my friends and family members not to fall for OpinionOutpost because they do not want to pay you back for the effort that you put in. I have noticed that once you try …

12 March

I want somebody to let me know what happened to OpinionOutpost because my account with them was frozen after completing a couple of surveys. I want to know if I will still be properly compensated for all my tim…

27 February

I needed t change email address and it was supposed to be fine because I followed every single instruction that was stipulated on OpinionOutpost. However, when I tried to access my account I was denied entry to…

15 February

I would like to know if OpinionOutpost has an address in the United Kingdom because I seriously feel like I am being scammed. I have tried to redeem my vouchers that were worth at least 20 pounds but to no avail. Every time I attempt to do it, it says in the status that…

31 January

I have been a fan of this survey site for a while now but there is this one instance wherein I was never given any reward and I am not sure if it is because the service is currently going through some maintenan…

17 January


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