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I wanted to cancel a prescription order from OptumRx for a new type of medication that y doctor had to issue to me. This was because the prices that these guys were offering were just really bad and were unhelp…

13 May

I am also surprised that I have stayed with OptumRx for more than four years because of the way they have treated me and dealt with my business. They never get my prescriptions to me on time and I have had to deal with various medical emergencies that could arise becaus…

23 March

I have been on a particular medication for at least a decade and I know what my medication looks like. I know the color and I know the shape like the back of my hand. However, OptumRx said they sent me this med…

13 March

I am so annoyed at OptumRx even though they have been my provider for so long. I tried switching from another company to theirs with one of my prescription medications and the people over at OptumRx claim that …

27 February

I am a little perplexed at OptumRx because at this day and age their systems online should be updated given that they are large provider of pharmaceuticals in the country. It automatically tried to get me new prescriptions even though I had plenty of them left from my d…

15 February

OptumRx  has been giving us so many problems with regard to the medicine that my daughter needs for her diabetes, she has been needing to stick herself with needles everyday and it was just lately that a doctor sent a PA. However, OptumRx has kept on giving us so many e…

31 January

I need my medication and I also need a PA for I which I've been unable to get because of cancellations. The pharmacy called and then they told me it still was not possible for me to get something like that. I c…

17 January


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