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My dear wife and I had booked a trip with Orbitz and I felt as if they botched everything up for us. I was so annoyed because I felt like it was the start of confusion when we were given a different return flig…

16 April

We had such a terrible time at a particular hotel that we stayed in and we were assured by Orbitz that we would be getting a refund and a free night's stay as a result of all of this. However, we did not get a …

31 March

I am not of US or Canadian nationality and for some reason I cannot transit through Canada because of this. I had booked a flight through Orbitz and I feel like they should have informed me of this before the f…

14 March

This was an absolute surprise and I do not think this is something that happens toe everyone. I had booked my travel arrangements through Orbitz and they had me stay at this hotel. Upon arrival at the hotel I f…

28 February

I have had to purchase my own tickets again after Orbitz failed to tell me that I needed to have a transit visa upon entering the country of Canada. This has been a little surprising and it really hit my budget…

16 February

I was able to book a flight from Orbitz to India and the flight was an Etihad Airways one. I could not believe how poorly I was treated maybe because I booked a flight with another site and not with them. I will not accept this sort of treatment from them at all. This i…

02 February

What is up with all these PRICELESS charges that I got because I was just delayed when I came over to counter to claim my booking. I started to get charged for everything from using my debit card to reopening my account with them (I was late because of the plane), a ran…

19 January


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