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Name: Outback Steakhouse, LLC
2202 N West Shore Blvd
United States - 33607

I did not enjoy the service that I have received from Outback Steakhouse at all and I felt like they could have done better in helping me out with their service. They were unable to even accommodate the orders …

11 May

I ordered so much food from Outback Steakhouse that I decided that it would be best if I just took it to go. I am so annoyed at them because it seems as if in this location they do not care about their customer…

21 March

I had gone to the Outback Steakhouse website to make a quick reservation for the dinner that I wanted to have with a few people at their establishment. However, when I got there a quarter of an hour early they …

08 March

I have been coming into Outback Steakhouse for awhile and as of the moment of writing I am surprised at what happened to the quality of food that I got from them. My friend got a smaller steak and they offered …

23 February

I think I have been going to Outback Steakhouse for some time and it's been a good place with great food. I was in one of their location's for dinner the other day and I thought it would be a great dinner for m…

12 February

I felt for the hostess at an Outback Steakhouse that we were in recently because of the way she was unfairly treated by her manager nonetheless. I was surprised when she was laughed at and mocked when she asked a question about something. I do not understand, are subord…

29 January

The grilled shrimp was very disappointing. The portion was rather small and the shrimp size was tiny. I requested to talk to the manager and said to at least serve something worth my hard-earned money, somethin…

09 January


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