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I cannot believe that Outdoors Online still has not delivered anything to me even though they have already taken the money out my account. I cannot stand for a company that does not give its customers the items…

21 March

I do not know what has happened with the service of Outdoors Online because to this date I have not received anything from them at all. I had initially ordered a couple of items from them, but they have not giv…

08 March

I had ordered an assortment of items from Outdoors Online and I did not receive all of them. There were so many items missing and this in turn has caused me so much trouble because I needed those items soon. If…

22 February

I am so annoyed at Outdoors Online because they were not able to give me the orders that I purchased through them. What annoys me is that they were able to ship a part of my order but the rest was missing for s…

09 February

I bought a few items from Outdoors Online  and I was told that it had been back ordered. So much time has already passed but I still do not have any word about my order or about its current status. I have tried to talk to two customer service representative help desks b…

29 January


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