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Name: Pacific Sunwear of California Inc.
3001 S 144th St # 2040
United States - 68144-5247

I have tried to order and purchase a couple of items from PacSun a few days ago and it keeps telling me that my bank account was declined. However, to my surprise when I had checked my bank statement I was actually being charged for these transactions that were not comi…

19 March

I do not know why some companies offer a speedy delivery service but fail to live up to what they say in the first place. it does not make sense to me at all and I want them t be able to provide me with a good explanation as to why this is happening. I was not able to u…

08 March

Our family decided to visit PacSun to do a quick spot of shopping but the experience that we got from them was really terrible on so many different levels. When we got there, there were no customers to be soon just two employees who did not seem to are about our needs. …

21 February

I had something from PacSun that was shipped to my local post office but for some reason it was not shipped back to me. They shipped it back to the people over at PacSun. I realized that the address that I had put in in my record was wrong and that was why the package w…

08 February

PacSun had a problem the other day in one of their locations and everyone that was around to watch the events unfold thinks that it was uncalled for. We saw one the manager's screaming at an employee whilst poi…

26 January


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