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Name: R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company
401 N. Main Street
Winston Salem
North Carolina
United States - 27101

I am surprised that the representatives of sales from Pall Mall Cigarettes cannot help us with pricing in our store when they should be responsible for this. Every time I try to call them they seem to be very r…

23 March

I have been smoking Pall Mall Cigarettes for the past three years and I consume about a a pack of cigarettes a day. Needless to say, I am very much aware of the quality of cigarettes that this company provides.…

12 March

I am a little annoyed at the pack of cigarettes of the Pall Mall Cigarettes brand that I bought from a gas station because it seems as if the cigarettes were not packed right at all. What really annoys me is th…

26 February

I am a smoker of Pall Mall Cigarettes and the last batch that I bought from the company was almost un-smokeable to a certain degree. Each cigarette from the pack tasted like it was hand rolled an unfiltered, ma…

14 February

I am a smoker of Pall Mall Cigarettes and I buy the pack with the option for flavor ball inside the cigarettes. I have been on this particular line from Pall Mall Cigarettes for about two months when I started noticing that every now and then I will come across a cigare…

31 January

I purchased one pack of Camel cigarettes and it appears that the company's quality control department did a bad job. The pack was missing one stick and another stick was ripped. I believe you should know that I…

16 January


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