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Palmolive Aroma Sensations So Relaxed Lavender and Ylang Ylang shower gel's colour is turned to white and become too much fluid after I opened it. Did you write on new expiration dates on the old products and release them? These products are defective. I was loving your…

23 March 2017

All of the shower gels of Palmolive dried my hands and cracked them. You can't notice because of we're in summer and same thing happened to me in winter, but I didn't realize that shower gel may be caused this. I used only Palmolive products to test it and my hands are …

30 January 2017

I was going to try Palmolive body butter shower gel for the first time, but something like mould is came out of the bottle and itched my skin. I took photos of that thing. I filled in a from on their website, b…

30 January 2017

I was using Palmolive bar soap to test quality of Palmolive. I used almond and strawberry bar soaps. I bought chocolate one as 3rd one and I regretted. I've never seen a soap like this, it was smelling really bad! It smelt like expired perfume. I thought that may be I d…

11 March 2015

I bought Palmolive Peach Delight shower gel in the past few days. I've been using Palmolive for years. However, the product was not fluid enough and I had to threw it away before I use half of it. I've never had a problem like this before, although I bought creamy produ…

25 October 2014

I'm a hearing-impaired person. I bought Palmolive Men Hurricane Cooling Menthol Shower Gel 2 in one. I used it, but it burned my penis. I rinsed it out quickly, but it's really dangerous.

02 June 2014

Palmolive products has no information on bottles about swine ingredients. Are you using swine ingredients in your shampoos?

03 February 2014


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