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St. Louis
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I was a little surprised at the cafe mocha that I had ordered for myself over at Panera Bread because it seemed as if the person who was making this crafted drink just threw in so much chocolate that I could no…

07 April

I do not know if I am the only who has gone through the same thing with Panera Bread. I have been a loyal patron of theirs for so many years and today when I ordered some soup from them I noticed that their takeout serving seems to be different from their dine-in servin…

16 March

I was a little perplexed as to why the food that was being shown in the photographs in the menu of Panera Bread did not accurately depict the actual food being served at the establishment. It surprised that the…

06 March

I am a little saddened by the sudden drop in quality at Panera Bread because it appears as if nobody had check my takeout order before they gave it to me. All I ordered was a salad for dinner with chicken on it and I was ultimately let down when I got home and discovere…

20 February

I do not know why I do not get emails from Panera Bread even though I am an extremely loyal customer, frequent their stores and have been a member for a really long time. It has been really frustrating because I have not been able to avail of the various rewards and ser…

07 February

The original Panera Bread branch near our house had closed down and they had moved elsewhere. We have tried visiting that new branch over five times since we have been patrons of Panera for a while now. However…

25 January


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