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I cannot believe that Parts Geek told me that my order was being shipped even though it seemed as if the courier still had not received anything from them at all. This really annoyed because I felt as if I was …

29 March

I am very annoyed at Parts Geek because I ordered two different hoses for my vehicle but yet I have received the same hose twice. What irks me out is that I have already fulfilled my end of the bargain, I have …

14 March

I do not get why there is so much hate for Parts Geek when I think that they are doing a good job in what they are doing In fact, I have never even had a problem with these guys at all and I do not know what everyone is complaining about. I have been one of their loyal …

28 February

Parts Geek is such a hassle to deal with because they sent me the wrong items and now that I have tried to tell them about this, they really refuse to take them back. The items that they sent were clearly not w…

15 February

I do not trust Parts Geek because of the way they send out packages and market their products on their site. This has made me realize that they seem to only care about lining their pockets and not providing a service that is useful to other people. They have been sendin…

01 February

Consider yourself warned and do not do business with them. Parts Geek reviews will show you that they are not to be trusted. They will contact you through email but nothing will get resolved. Those who share su…

19 January


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