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Name: Payless Car Rental System, Inc.
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Saint Petersburg
United States - 33713-3611

I am a veteran and I was told by the sales representative at Payless Car Rental that I would be getting some form of discount. I did not get any discount from him and when I tried to confront him about it, he denied ever saying that there was a veteran's discount promot…

19 March

I am very disturbed at the way Payless Car Rental has handled by car rental from them because I do not think that it is fair for them not to be helpful when it was completely their fault that they were not able…

06 March

I tried to book a reservation for a vehicle at Payless Car Rental and I was surprised to find out my card was not working with their system. However, when I checked my transactions they had charged me twice for…

20 February

I do not think I will rent a car from Payless Car Rental ever again because of the way I was treated. I knew that my charge was exactly just a little under a hundred bucks, but when I got the car back, cleaned,…

08 February

I recently returned a car that I had rented from Payless Car Rental and I thought I could leave outside since the sign on the door said that and so did another patron who was returning a car too did the same. However, when I got my credit card statement I found out that…

25 January


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