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New Jersey
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I was so annoyed because the refrigerator that I had purchased from PC Richard & Son was damaged when I had received it. I went back to the PC Richard & Son store where I bought it from and they told me they would order the parts. When the parts arrived they had lost th…

2 d

I have been so annoyed with the repairs that I had scheduled from PC Richard & Son because it did not turn out the way I wanted it to turn out. The person who came over to supposedly repair my appliance had the…

08 April

I cannot believe that is taking this long for PC Richard & Son to fix my refrigerator. I ahve already told them that I have been having problems with my fridge for a very long time, but yet they seem to refuse …

19 March

I was told by a customer service representative of PC Richard & Son that I would be informed of when my package would be delivered from them. However, the only time that they had informed me of this was the mom…

06 March

I do not enjoy having to deal with people that work to a really bad standard with their customers. I had recently purchased a computer with PC Richard & Son's one year technical help and they did not help me at…

20 February

I purchased a refrigerator from PC Richard & Son and the thing is the doors would not properly work at all. They told me that they would send a technician and he told me that he would be back to fix everything.…

07 February

I would like to file a complaint against one of your drivers who stole our money. I had already paid for an item on the date of purchase and I achieved this via credit card. When the item was delivered, my fath…

25 January


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