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San Diego
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I am so annoyed at the people from Petco because I feel as if they do not care if they annoy you with the amount of spam that they send to your email address. I think that they are violating ethical considerations, by not providing a clear enough way to unsubscribe from…

15 May

I am so annoyed at Petco because their delays in shipping are just absolutely horrible at best. I do not know how I am supposed to deal with them because it has been five days and they still have not gotten one…

03 May

I usually have a photograph taken of my dog and Santa taken over at Petco yearly. However, it seems as if the quality of the photographs that have been printed year-after-year have gone down the drain. Petco sh…

26 April

Imagine my surprise and children's disappointment when Petco did not allow us to purchase goldfish from them due to their many questions about my tank. I mean I do have a reserve tank at home and I know I won't be doing anything wrong to these fish, but come on, do you …

18 April

I do not why they did not properly word the vouchers that Petco was sending because I had initially thought that I would be given ten grooming sessions for my dog, instead I got a ten buck voucher. I am really annoyed at this because the manager was so rude to me and tr…

26 March

What annoyed me so much the other day when I was shopping at Petco was one employee's adamance to not be able to respect their very own price matching policy. I had shown them that it was supposed to be price matched and I was met with a reply along the lines of I shoul…

13 March

I have spent so much money with Petco with my reptile lights and I feel like that money was wasted because they were not working properly. I am also aware of their policy and now I have to spend such a great deal of money so that my pets can survive with the lights. the…

27 February

I think that it is only fair that Petco compensates me for the veterinary expense that I had to shell out because of the guinea pigs that I had bought from them. After about two weeks time and by this point I had already given them to my daughters, we noticed something …

15 February

I work at a Petco and I am wondering why they do not hold all the employees to the same standard that they do for the younger ones and the older ones. Nobody should be working retail from opening times to closing times, from the moment they open the store to the amount …

01 February

Petco used to be my choice place for supplies but after I called them to dispute a charge that I never even incurred, they were so rude to me on the phone that I doubt if their customer reps have any training at all. They did not care about my concerns and kept cutting …

18 January


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