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I've been using Marlboro Light for 13 years, and I bought Marlboro Touch, which …

28 August 2017

Marlboro Touch, which I bought for 13 TL, was out of shape. I enjoy smoking, but you took this joy from our hands. What a shame!

26 August 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, I have to write this; this cigarette lost its' quality very much. Look at these cigarettes after "Tekel" was privatized. We waste our money buying these cigarettes, they don't deserve it. This situation continues for 4 months.

21 August 2017

Parliament Slim cigarette was different from former packets that I bought 3-5 days ago. It smells very bad. The smell doesn't go although I wash my hands and my face. Taste is bitter. My throat aches and I have…

19 August 2017

I bought Chesterfield Aqua Click from a market yesterday. I've smoked 11 cigarettes until now, 13.32 at the moment, and click wasn't exploded each time. I smoked them as a normal cigarette, none of them was menthol cigarette. I bought another packet and ripped the cigar…

19 August 2017

Half of the cigarettes' filter and tobacco joint parts were apart, which I bought Parliament Night Blue short cigarettes today. It happened before. The quality is poor although I give quite a bit money. Some of…

20 July 2017

3 cigarettes with half tobacco and 4 cigarettes without tobacco came out of my Chesterfield short cigarette packet.

20 July 2017

A piece of wood came out from my Marlboro cirgarette.

20 July 2017

I've been using Parliament Aqua Menthol cigarette for a long time. 2 cigarettes weren't menthol cigarette and their taste were bitterish in the packet that I bought July 17, 2017. I've been using this brand bef…

20 July 2017

I bought Parliament Night Blue cigarette from Total gas station. I smoke one cigarette and half an hour I was going to smoke one more but I saw that the cigarettes' paper, that I pulled out from the packet, was…

18 July 2017


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