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Name: Poshmark, Inc.
101 Redwood Shores Pkwy, 3rd Floor
Redwood City
United States - 94065-1176

Poshmark should seriously start rethinking how it treats the people who buy from them and pay for their ridiculous commissions because it is not doing a good job at helping or even merely assisting these custom…

13 May

I cannot believe that I had paid for a product from a seller from Poshmark, but I received the complete opposite of what I ordered. I made the logical decision and decided to send back what I had gotten from Po…

23 March

I have been waiting for a package from Poshmark for so long. It was supposed to be from my daughter who had purchased a bag from me from this particular store online. I still have not gotten anything from them …

13 March

I ordered a very expensive bag from Poshmark and I had already paid for and purchased it. The courier told me that there is an alert on the package and that it was supposed to be shipped to a different address.…

27 February

I have been such a top seller with Poshmark yet I find them very biased towards the buyers even though those guys are incorrect at some points. There was this time were I sold a Michael Kors bag to a certain bu…

15 February

There have been some bad reviews about Poshmark especially with regard to items never arriving from them. Unfortunately, I did not seem to heed their advice and proceeded to purchase from Poshmark. According to them the items are in stock and are ready to be delivered, …

31 January

This online shopping platform is all about the customers and does not care much about its vendors. I have a perfect rating with my clients, and everything I sell is branded from some of the most popular departm…

18 January

I am typically extremely wary purchasing anything like this on the web BUT in light of the fact that they publicize their group of specialists will verify any buy of $500 or over I felt safe acquiring shoes for $500.As soon as I got them and contrasted them with my genu…

09 January


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