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This started out as something that was a little of my fault, but then ended being an absolute nightmare on the end of Pottery Barn. I had ordered some furniture online from Pottery Barn and I found out afterward that it would not fit the size of the room that I wanted t…

03 May

We had gotten ourselves a gift from my wife's baby shower and we have not been able to use it because it was missing a couple of parts. We called up the people from Pottery Barn where the gift was from, but the…

24 April

I made a purchase on Pottery Barn that cost me around two thousand dollars, but after I had made the purchase I realized that the dimensions of the items that I was buying would not be fit for my residence. I c…

12 April

I do not think that anyone understand how annoyed I am at Pottery Barn because I have spend thousands of dollars with them, but when I wanted to initiate a refund of just two hundred dollars it turns out that t…

21 March

I cannot believe that it takes the Pottery Barn so long to get you your refund when it takes them seconds to take money out of your credit card after you have made a purchase with them.  I have been waiting for…

09 March

I am an entrepreneur and I own a business. I saw that the Pottery Barn had really great items so I decided to purchase a few things that would be perfect for the new business that I was opening. This was the st…

23 February

I am a business owner and I thought that if I had the decency to call Pottery Barn in advance to inform them of the requirements of my order that they would be able to execute without a flaw. I was wrong and ho…

12 February

You would think that being in the business for so long that they would try their best to be the best at service, but I personally think they are just around to scam, to scam the general populace. How hard is it to get a delivery to your customers on time? Does it really…

17 January

This brand simply doesn't stick to their said delivery date, if they even send out your order at all. I ordered a certain item for my child and it never even arrived. I tried getting back my money from them but they turned me down.

10 January


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