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Name: Deeal Inc.
Toll free: 1 888 473 9826
9448 Rush St
South El Monte
United States - 91733

I am very annoyed at the management of PowersportsMax because they are blatantly refusing to be a good business to transact with. I ordered an item from them that did not fit my vehicle at all so I had it shipp…

22 March

I bought some exercise equipment from PowersportsMax for my grandson who really loved the product. The product only worked for a quarter of an hour and ended up conking out on us, it never worked after that. What really annoyed me was that I had tried to call Powersport…

12 March

We had purchased a gift for my son from PowersportsMax and that was when thing started getting rally awful with them. We found out that the hover board was having a problem so we promptly tried to call customer…

26 February

I want to advise the people reading this not to buy from the guys over at PowersportsMax, no matter how good you think they are. When I got my motorcycle from them it was not working, so I decided to get an agr…

12 February

The all terrain vehicle that I bought from PowersportsMax was such a headache because it was not even starting. They did give me some material with really bad English and it did not help at all, even with illustrations. When I tried connecting to their customer service …

30 January

I ordered a couple of ATVs for my family and they arrived safely, we never bothered totouch them until after about a month. We noticed that one of tires had a problem and a battery was dysfunctional. We were to…

12 January


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