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I cannot begin to comprehend what is taking Princess Cruises such a long time to remove the pending authorizations that they have on my the money that I am supposed to get. It is my money anyway so why are they…

27 March

I am so annoyed with Princess Cruises because I had tried to book a cruise with them to propose to my special someone. I had requested in advance and reminded the staff over at Princess Cruises that I could not have any seafood because I was highly allergic to anything …

13 March

I was covered in bed bug bites when I was trying my best to enjoy my cruise with Princess Cruises. I had properly documented everything but I did not even receive as much as an apology from Princess Cruises. I informed the help desk, but they said that I should go back …

27 February

I cannot believe that we got such a good package deal with Princess Cruises and we were so happy because that would mean everyone could go on a trip. I was just annoyed when we were informed that we could not t…

15 February

I have had a pleasant experience with Princess Cruises and overall I do not seem to have any problems with them. I only have one small concern because I used a different credit card to pay for some purchases on my cruise, but the other card that I used to pay for my cru…

01 February

We wanted to avail of one of yoru special package deals but then we realized we could not book the flight, but the cruise was alright to go. As we waited until we could book the flight the price kept on rising and rising, in effect eating into whatever special offer we …

18 January


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