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Name: Kellogg Co.
Kellogg's Consumer Affairs P.O. Box CAMB
Battle Creek
United States - 49016

I was very disappointed after I had purchased a can of Pringles. Pringles are not advertised as the most affordable chips, but they are said to have the most flavor. However, this particular can that I got myse…

15 April

I am so annoyed at the last batch of Pringles that I have happened to purchase and it annoys me that I cannot do anything about it. i found something rubbery and discolored in my batch of Pringles that I bought and I feel as if something was really wrong. To set the rec…

21 March

I am a proud customer and consumer of Pringles and I purchase them regularly whenever I can. However, the last can of Pringles that I opened nearly killed me. There was this absolutely pungent smell, something that almost smelled like glue to a certain degree that was m…

08 March

I was out and about with some of my friends and we bought a can of Pringles that I was just completely dissatisfied with. I found that the can was actually half empty. This was kind of weird because there were …

23 February

A family member of mine bought a tube of Pringles and he was very surprised at what he saw in the can. It looked to be a foreign object that was embedded into one of the chips and this really surprised us becau…

12 February

We are fans of Pringles and there was this one time where we got ourselves a can of cheese and onion flavored ones. The problem was that when we got the can of Pringles open, we found out that some of the chips in the can were actually the barbecue. We are sure of this …

29 January

At one football game, my son purchased a Pringles tube and saw a black mark on one of the chips - and it was not just a burn mark. This resulted in him not finishing the tube of which he more often than not enjoys. He tried sending back the snack to the vendor and attac…

09 January

I ordered karaoke set but Pringles did not ship my order for long time. It was long time ago and I forgot this shopping.

09 September 2017

Insect came out of the Pringles package. It happened me for the first time. I will tell this everybody, they shouldn't buy this brand. I wil…

31 July 2017

We bought everyday Pringles as a family. Each time Pringles were missed. Besides, most of the chips were chipped. We absolutely love Pringles but this situation makes us sad.

31 July 2017


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