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Name: The Progressive Corporation
6300 Wilson Mills Rd.
Mayfield Village
United States - 44143

I was involved in a vehicular accident with a Progressive customer and I was soon assigned a claims adjuster to figure out what would happen as a result of this. For some reason, this particular claims adjuster…

22 March

I have always been one of the best vehicle owners because I do my best to make sure that my vehicle is well maintained. The other day I had hit a deer and it caused extensive damage to my car but my adjuster cl…

09 March

Somebody has just recently taken out a Progressive insurance policy using the credentials of my social security number and it has really annoyed me to so many degrees. I do not know if the Progressive company can do anything to remove my personal details from this parti…

26 February

My vehicle was stolen from me at a funeral and it took my Progressive claims adjuster so long to even try to help me out. She wanted to look for proof in all the wrong places and she was very unpleasant to do d…

12 February

I think that the guys over at Progressive do not how to give proper value to a car that they already took full responsibility for. I got a damaged car and I expect proper compensation from Progressive not some computation that makes it seem like my car has absolutely no…

30 January

I was recently in an accident where I had to involve my car insurance, due to this my car has been out of commission for awhile now. To make matters worse every time I try to follow with any rep, all I get is an answering machine. They've only checked on me thrice to sa…

12 January


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