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Name: Pruvit Ventures, LLC
901 Sam Rayburn Highway
United States - 75454

I had already purchased the textbook through Amazon, which I feel like is using Pruvit as an affiliate, but for some reason, I also got charged by Pruvit when I had checked my credit card statement. I have already tried calling their customer service desk to speak with …

28 April

I am from Australia and as I was looking through my financial statements and documents from my bank the other day, I realized that someone took money from my account in order to pay for something on Pruvit. This was a little annoying and I am urging the people over at P…

22 April

I was extremely surprised when I checked my banking transactions the other day because I found a charge that I did not authorize. Actually, it was numerous charges from the people over at Pruvit. Here's what's messed up about these series of transactions, I have never e…

13 April

I cannot believe that the Pruvit would charge my credit card for transactions that I have nothing to do with at all. This was such an annoying experience for me. I have never even transacted with them at all and yet they have the decency to do this to me?! I cannot beli…

19 March

Just to make things clear I have been on auto ship for quite some time on Pruvit and I know that I always pay my dues on time. However, it has almost been a month since I have received anything from their end and it has began to frustrate me on so many different levels.…

07 March

I do not know how to put this but I guess the best way that I can say it is that the Pruvit customer service is not helpful to any degree at all. I tried to cancel a particular smart ship, but the representativ…

21 February

Pruvit charged my account for such a large amount last year and I have been annoyed by the way Pruvit is treating this complaint. At first they were giving me so many responses with regard to this, they were al…

08 February

I am from Australia and it seems like this company, Pruvit, has gotten a hold of my information and is using for purchases that I am unaware of. I do not even understand how this could happen to me. Who could b…

26 January


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