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Cooper City
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A couple of months ago I had purchased a puppy for our household that is said to be of pure breed according to the people over at PuppySpot. However, I have noticed that this particular puppy that I have is not…

21 March

I cannot believe that at 70 years old I have to deal with people from PuppySpot who have seemed to have tricked me into buying a puppy that I could have used a s a service dig but was actually very feral in nat…

08 March

I feel like the people who manage PuppySpot pay to take down negative reviews that they have been having. It does not seem right that only good reviews would show up on their site. I really want people to know …

23 February

I have been a regular patron of PuppySpot and I can say that I get most of my pet supplies from here. This is why this matter means so much to me. Over time, I have noticed the management of PuppySpot has started to get really awful. All the old staffers are gone and we…

12 February

I got a puppy from PuppySpot and he was the cutest thing ever. However, even though it was claimed that he was extensively trained he had really bad anxiety when I left him, even if it was just going to the bathroom. I paid so much for him to be trained but yet it seems…

29 January


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