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We bought 2 round trip tickets for Istanbul-Doha-Male on April 26,2017 and Male-Doha-Istanbul on May 2, 2017. We flew with qr673 plane and sat on 12 F and 12 E seats. Our plane landed on Doha from Male at 13.00…

04 May 2017

I bought ticket through another website from Qatar Airways. I regretted to buy it. They keep changing flight hours. If I didn't control the flight hours from their website, I would miss my flight. I called the website, which I bought my tickets from, and they told that …

25 March 2017

During the Istanbul-Denpasar (Bali) flight (qr238) my spouse's wallet has stolen, it was our honeymoon money which is worth 1300$. Our reservation number is 3***v. I told the situation to the Turkey office and …

06 October 2016

They asked my passport validity period while I was buying ticket and making online check-in through Qatar Airways website on August 8, 2016. I wrote my passport validity period and made the payment. My online visa was confirmed too. However, they didn't allow me to fly …

18 August 2016

My flight has cancelled on June 18. They told that they were going to refund my money, but no one has refunded yet. I want you to recover my loss.

29 July 2016

They didn't allow us to fly to Maldives with Doha connecting flight on July 10 at 17.25 pm although we've arrived to airport at 12 pm. We were going to honeymoon. We couldn't give our baggage and there was no s…

11 July 2016

I flew to Turkey from Bangkok with Qatar Airways on March 21. I called Turkey office and made reservation for my dog. They told me that extra baggage fee was 50$ per kilo and my dog and it's carrier were 2 kg b…

29 March 2016

They requested "200$+35€+ fee difference" to change my return ticket date, which I bought for 450$ on November 2015. You can not change my tickets with high fees. You're punishing your customers by doing this. Is this your understanding of service?

28 January 2016

Our Doha-Istanbul flight landed on Ankara because of adverse weather condition on December 30, 2015. They forced us to get on bus to went Istanbul although it hadn't got snow tire. A lot of passenger both Turki…

04 January 2016

We made connecting flight (qr256) to Doha then Phuket on June 9, 2015. One of our baggage didn't come out at Doha. We reported it in Phuket. They requested a list of our stuffs. 35 days have passed and no one informed us. We called the Ankara office and they told that, …

24 July 2015


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