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I do not know what to make of the person who said that our loan was already pre-approved by the people over at Quicken Loans, because it seems to me that they did not do a good job at it. My dreams were indubit…

5 h

I have not requested any inquiries made into my credit by Quicken Loans, but for some reason, I have been informed that they have been looking into my credit report. I want to kindly ask Quicken Loans if they c…

10 April

I was called by a representative from Quicken Loans and they told me that I would be eligible for a refinance. My husband and I were so happy so we proceeded to have the house done and the renovations complete.…

16 March

I have tried going to other loan companies apart from Quicken Loans and here's the deal. I already know that I need a conventional loan, not the FHA loan that a Quicken Loans representative was trying to sell m…

05 March

I was just shopping around for loans and I still have not told anybody that was affiliated with a loan company when I noticed that Quicken Loans had done a hard inquiry on my credit score dropping it in the pro…

19 February

I was trying to find myself a good loan and I looked into my options. Quicken Loans came up as one of them and that's when the ordeal began. I started getting phone calls every hour and they were so regular that it got so annoying really quickly. Annoyed, I told them to…

07 February

A Quicken Loans representative has gotten into a habit of calling us because of the loan quote that we initially requested from him. We had already informed him in writing that we will be seeking another provider with regard to the loan that was previously discussed but…

24 January


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