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Name: RaceTrac
3225 Cumberland Blvd, Suite 100
United States - 30339

I am a business owner myself and I know what it is to be able to manage a business properly. This is why I want to bring to RaceTrac's attention that there are some people in an RV living on their property in one of their locations. I do not think that this is a good wa…

21 March

I buy a lot of things from RaceTrac and I love the way the people there treat me because they are always so nice. Today I was checked out by a pregnant cashier and I was a little annoyed because she was doing s…

08 March

I was not allowed to be bring my service canine into a RaceTrac because of an employee. This particular RaceTrac employee told me that they had a health code violation so in turn they needed to be stricter. However, my dog had its proper papers and it was supposed to be…

22 February

I am so mad at the clerk behind the counter when I was buying a pack of cigarettes at their establishment, my cigarettes were literally flung because she was hassled and had to count smaller bills. I do not think that RaceTrac would like this sort of service from the pe…

09 February

I do not seem to comprehend why RaceTrac would consider a frozen burrito wrap as hot food along with my purchase of a large drink. I was asked to use my debit card for the transaction because of this which really surprised me because the food was not hot to begin with. …

29 January


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