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My Polo Ralph Lauren shoes' sole stitches are ripped which I bought from Eskisehir Superstep Espark on June 26, 2016. Threads are dangling while I'm walking. I gave it to the store that I bought, and they sent …

08 October 2016

I bought t-shirts from Istanbul Optimum Shopping Mall Ralph Lauren in September, and their color has faded. I won't prefer this brand from now on.

09 July 2016

I bought sweatshirt 4 or 5 months ago, and it shrank about 3 cm. I sent it to the service and they confirmed. However, they told that they couldn't change it with a new one, because I had no receipt. Store manager told that they couldn't check their system for receipt, …

14 December 2015

Store manager is really aggressive and rude. This lady shouldn't work in this store, because this brand has a reputation. I conveyed my complaint to Ralph Lauren headquarters and gave detailed information about…

27 October 2015

I went to Optimum Ralph Lauren with my boyfriend. He tried on some clothes and opened door of the dressing room and I was looking how it fits, at the same time personnel came and told that "two people are not a…

01 August 2015

I bought sneakers, which are worth 180 TL, from Polo Ralph Lauren, but their sides are opened in 2 weeks. I've changed it before 2 times and at the 3rd time same thing happened again. This time they didn't change it saying that it was user fault. They changed it before,…

08 January 2015


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