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I am so annoyed at the music that is being played in Ralphs because it does not suit both the ambiance and the clientele that this store maintains. It annoys me because music adds to the whole store experience and right now they seem to be wrecking the store experience …

13 April

I do not like the fact that some people can make judgements out of nothing at all. I had gone into Ralphs as an honest paying customer and for some reason one of the staff members followed me to the escalator t…

21 March

I do not know what has gotten into the heads of the people who work at Ralphs that they would accuse me of shoplifting. Why would I want to shoplift in the first place? I find this absolutely rude and discriminatory for them to do. One of the employees took my cart and …

08 March

I do not know if the management over at Ralphs is to overly concerned or considerate enough to provide customers with adequate customer service. I had approached a staff member of this particular Ralphs store and asked why there were no grocery carts available. Since sh…

23 February

I felt so harassed with a particular employee from a Ralphs store when he started following me around. I would have not minded if he just kept to himself and tried to assist but this was different, he really made it very uncomfortable for me to function in that store. A…

12 February

I am a patron of Ralph's and this is the first time I had been placed in such an awful situation. To start off, it seemed as if the lady did not want to be working there at all. She was rude and wasn't at all f…

17 January

Back on 11/12, I had parked at Valley Plaze since I had to get to Ralph's to purchase some items. Upon getting back to my vehicle, I learned that it was towed. I went to get my vehicle back and had to pay north…

09 January


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