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I am so annoyed at Rama Deals because I had ordered myself an electronic product but for some odd reason they were unable to provide me with a tracking number. When I emailed them about this they immediately se…

20 March

I am so annoyed that there are three children that won't be able to get presents this time in the year because of the incompetence that they have shown towards me. I have been sending these guys over at Rama De…

08 March

I was completely and utterly frustrated with Rama Deals because they did not allow me to cancel the purchase order that I had made just half an hour ago. I mean how could you not let me cancel something even if…

22 February

Rama Deals has still not delivered the package that I requested from them after making a large purchase. At this point in time, I am just so mad at them for all of this. Why could they not do something about this? It's really annoying. Here's another thing, they spent m…

09 February

I have been waiting for the protective case of my Samsung Android phone for quite some time now from Rama Deals and nothing has arrived. I really need that because it is a special present for a family member. Rama Deals says that the product has already arrived but I st…

29 January


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