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I bought Rayban shades from Optimum Atasun Optic store, its' frame is deformed. I gave it to the Atasun Optic stone. I realised that they made decoupage, when I received it. They made this transaction to the on…

29 August 2017

My Rayban sunglasses were in their box for 3 years (I had 2 Rayban sunglasses), …

23 August 2017

Rayban sunglasses' lenses are scratched in 3 weeks and I sent it to the service. However, they rejected. They told that, it wasn't a manufacturing defect. I'm thinking that if they're defective, quality control…

22 August 2017

I bought Rayban sunglasses, which are worth 360 TL, from Atasun Optic store, I sent them to the service 4 times because, frame is enlarged. I went for 5th time, they sent them for examination, but the answer was user fault. I sent it to the service 5 times in 3 months, …

21 August 2017

I bought Rayban sunglasses from Atasun Optic 3 months ago. I put them in their case, but they're bended for the third time. They told after examination that, metal sunglasses could bend. Do your products have poor quality? We gave 350 TL for these shades and they're ben…

21 August 2017

I bought sunglasses from Izmir / Aliaga Rayban Cengiz Optic 10 days ago. They sold me a display product. Sunglasses were scratched and crushed, I told them that I've never worn them, but they didn't replace it with a new one. I request you to replace it.

26 July 2017

Rayban frame screw is loosen and because of that glasses are broken and warranty didn't cover. I bought replacement parts. Where is the warranty?

23 July 2017

My sunglasses lenses are broken, which I bought from Rayban. Salesperson told that lenses are included in warranty. However, they told that warranty doesn't cover lenses and I had to pay 210 TL for new lenses. I preferred this brand because it has own quality, but they …

21 July 2017

I bought ultra light sunglasses from Nazilli Emirgan Optic in 2015. My sunglasses is dropped on my arm first, then dropped to the sand. Frame was broken. I gave good amount of money, how could it be. I sent them to Emirgan Optic. They had to send to service but they tol…

16 July 2017

I bought metal framed sunglasses 4 years ago and made scars on my face this summer as always. This situation really bothers me.

11 July 2017


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