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I spent around two thousand dollars for a mattress from Raymour & Flanigan only to have it start to deteriorate after some time. I was so annoyed at the quality of the product that I was given that I have one o…

08 April

I was told by the salesman at Raymour & Flanigan when I was looking to purchase furniture that we could probably work something out if I do not like the furniture. I thought that this would mean that could allo…

16 March

I was told that I could not purchase the furniture that I wanted from Raymour & Flanigan through my credit card. I had to wait for a bill. When I go the bill I could not pay for this too using my credit card so…

05 March

I had purchased furniture from Raymour & Flanigan thinking that I would be given better service if I availed of the platinum plan. Unfortunately, this was not the case at all since after I had reported the case…

19 February

We got ourselves a pretty expensive mattress from Raymour & Flanigan because my husband and I have really bad back problems. We thought that it would provide some relief to our plight but it was the exact oppos…

07 February

A few years back, we purchased a Raymour & Flanigan mattress which cost us nearly five thousand dollars. We have had it changed nearly five times but they have all been awful. The one they have on display in th…

24 January


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