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Red Bull supplies fridges to fake shops which are without tax signboard but not us. We are registered shops since 25 years. Distributors does not allow to sell Red Bull products in other companies' fridge. There is a demand in market but our sellings are decreasing beca…

03 August 2017

Last year I bought 10.000 Liras worth of Red bull. 3 cases of Red bull expired but your dealer won't let me return it for a refund. If this doesn't get sorted out I'm thinking of starting B*** (I'm assuming this is another provider and/or brand)

18 July 2017

I've been promised a refrigerator, we buy Red Bulls but they don't give refrigerator, they say they didn't receive any refrigerators. Somewhere else's refrigerators are delivered, I don't believe that you are a…

07 July 2017

My business called ''Ç** Kuruyemiş'' in Beşiktaş lost 3 box of products because of your company who changes the delivery. What kind of a corporate work ethics is this? What kind of a company loses track of product deliveries because their employees quit their jobs? I've…

24 April 2017

Red Bull delivery car #3*** keep doing its rounds for delivery but won't give products when requested. I don't get why this woman is paid for?

19 April 2017

Despite my request for a refrigerator and the company promise, the manager made fun of me saying the refrigerators are made in Switzerland. My workplace on the main road to Samsun can't display products despite selling Red Bull. We say we want a refrigerator and they sa…

12 February 2017

I drink at least 3 to 4 Red Bulls a week but 2 days ago the Red Bull I bought hospitalized me because of severe stomach and head ache. I'm still suffering and can't sleep. My head and stomach keeps aching too. I won't buy it ever again. How did this expired product even…

09 November 2016

They say they'll take back the unsold product. The product expires after 11th month of production but the product that's been delivered to me is already 5 months old. I've called the distrubutor about this and …

03 September 2016

I joined the ''Where Will I Put It In My Car?'' event. They got my adress from me and said It would be delivered in 2 weeks. It's been almost 2 months but I still haven't received any product. Despite messaging…

28 July 2016

I participated Red Bull campaign and they got my adress, They said that it will be send in 2 weeks but they do not send it since 2 months. Although I sent its picture as message on Instagram and Facebook, there is no response. If you do not send it, why organising a cam…

25 June 2016


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