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I was a little annoyed that I had to spend extra even though I had already purchased myself a gift card for Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Group. Getting into the movie was the easy part. However, it got s…

09 March

I do not get why the staff and management did not seem eager to fix the sound problems that we were having when we watched a movie from Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Group. They should have assured their …

23 February

I was so excited when I heard that Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Group was giving away free popcorn if you just buy cinema tickets from them. I was so thrilled that I bought a lot of tickets, hoping that …

12 February

Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Group pleas get this sorted out. I bought four cinema tickets think that I would get two figures for the promotion but I only got one. I saw the manager giving away two to ot…

30 January

I had gone in to watch a movie and since I knew the showing time, I had gone in half an hour early so I could purchase tickets and grab some food. Upon arriving, there was only one counter open and one person handling all the transactions while the in-charge just stood …

12 January


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