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Name: Regions Financial Corporation
Mobile: +1 800 472 2265
2090 Parkway Office Circle
United States - 35244

I am really mad at Regions Financial Corporation because they told me that I had to come in and bring a bunch of documents to prove my identity. I did this for them and I provided them with almost everything th…

03 April

Imagine being a customer of a bank and not being able to get a credit card from them. This is my story and I have been applying for a credit from Regions Financial Corporation but they still have not been able …

15 March

I believe that financial institutions should be able to maintain the most pristine records in everything that they do. Regions Financial Corporation does not seem to fit the bill in this case. I had come over t…

01 March

I have recently found out that the fees charged by Regions Financial Corporation were really exorbitant and I demanded that they be less on my checking account. I got on the phone with one of their representati…

19 February

I cannot believe how rude and unprofessional the manager at Regions Financial Corporation was towards my case. It seems as if he does not care about anything at all. He literally made me wait for him to finish …

06 February

I recently tried to open an account with a company called Regions Bank, and all this time I thought they were actually legit. It turns out that they took my visa account number from another financial institutio…

23 January


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