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Name: Reliance Communications Ltd.
A Block, 2nd Floor, Reliance Communications Limited, DAKC, Kopar Khairane
Navi Mumbai
United States - 400 710

I think Reliance Communications has to start answering the phone because at this rate none of your customers will ever go through to your supposed customer service lines. I am so angry at them because I found t…

02 April

I have been a postpaid customer of Reliance Communications for such a long time that I noticed if their service gets better or worse. Lately, sad to say, their service has really gone down the drain. The qualit…

15 March

I was very shocked when I found out that Reliance Communications has barred me from communicating using my number. It was such a horrifying experience because I suddenly was not enjoying the normal communicatio…

01 March

For some reason Reliance Communications has been providing me with horrible service. I am a postpaid customer who has been paying her bills on a regular basis but the problem is they just suddenly stopped all m…

16 February

I live in India in a large location called Gujarat and Reliance Communications  has shut down all our service and has not given us word. The problem is that I still have a large balance that I have with them an…

02 February

Reliance Communications has given me no access to the Internet and telephony service out of the blue and I know that I am not the only person that has been inconvenienced by this fiasco. Several other people ar…

22 January


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