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We had to have the people from Renewal by Andersen over twice because they were unable to install the windows that they should have been able to install because of a ten inch discrepancy with their measurements…

07 April

Originally, my family and I did not plan on getting windows from Renewal by Andersen, but somehow the sales agent had managed to convince us. Now we are struggling with getting the windows to work properly beca…

16 March

We had purchased a lot of windows from Renewal by Andersen and we find to be very problematic and not as easy to care for as they were initially advertised. The condensation takes about three hours to clear and…

05 March

I have been waiting for so long to get new windows from Renewal by Andersen and they still have not arrived to fit me with the correct sized windows. I am annoyed because this is not supposed to be a big deal a…

19 February

The products from Renewal by Andersen are absolutely a rip off. they spend so much money trying to convince homeowners that their current choices are not worth it, when their own product are made from the sawdust of vinyl and wood. Even their window installers are not p…

06 February

This is one of those honest Renewal by Andersen window reviews and I hope someone takes this seriously. The salesman that was sent to our house to give us quotes of the windows that we needed to be done does yo…

24 January


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