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I feel like I have been deceived by Reservation Counter because I had initially thought that I was booking with hotel's website from the very beginning, but it turns out that I was actually booking with Reserva…

07 April

You should be furious at Reservation Counter because I had  thought that I was booking with my hotel but it turns out that I was booking with them all along. I am so annoyed at this occurrence because the hotel…

16 March

I am very angry and confused with how the Reservation Counter handles its bookings slapping such a large fee upon trying to use their services. When I went to the hotel that I had booked using the Reservation C…

06 March

I initially thought that I was dealing with the actual hotel that I was supposed to be staying at but unfortunately I was dealing with the guys over at Reservation Counter. They have made it so hard for me beca…

20 February

Reservation Counter is such a bad service that they will make you pay more for services that cost less. To make matters worse the way that they present themselves is very deceptive and even their representatives don't seem to really represent well. Reservation Counter m…

07 February

I had made a reservation at a certain hotel and learned, after payment had been made, that processed it. There was no disclaimer that it couldn't be reimbursed so I canceled the booking o…

25 January


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