I think there is something seriously wrong with the flat hair iron that I have purchased from Revlon because it is not reaching the required temperature stated on its box. What also surprises me is that it takes so long for this particular iron to even heat up so it has…

08 March

I had bought something from Revlon from a store in the United States when I last travelled there and for some reason or another, it broke just a few days into using it. I have been using products from the Revlon and I find them to be of the highest quality and this is w…

23 February

I have been a very loyal customer of Revlon and I love their products, they have always been dear to my heart because of their great product quality. When I traveled to the United States last time, I managed to pick up a pair of tweezers of the Revlon brand from a Walgr…

12 February

I had purchased a hairdryer of the Revlon line of hair products and I have been having trouble with it lately. It makes a really weird sound when I use, it's not the ordinary hairdryer sound but something different. It has also considerably lost its power and this has b…

29 January

Hi. I would like to report that my item, which I have owned for less than 12 months, is now making some sort of noise when I use the product. I am not sure if it is going to conk out on me or explode since it is rattling. Additionally, the level of power it is producing…

17 January

I bought Revlon Treat And Bosst Traiter et Rehausser nail care product, but it broke my nail and peeled my nails. My nails are in bad situat…

10 January 2017

I bought Revlon's under eye concealer in the shade 02-light on October 22, 2015. I tried tester before I bought and saw that it has brush in…

26 October 2015


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