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I bought Roc Pro-Define Anti-Sagging Firming Cream-Rich 50ml, Roc Pro-Define Anti-Sagging Firming Liquid 40ml and Roc Pro-Correct Anti Wrinkle Cream-Rich from Gratis Adana Kurtulus neigborhoood Ataturk street G…

06 January 2017

Roc Pro Correct ruined my face. It peeled my face. I trusted your brand, but I couldn't estimate that it could make a thing like this.

04 January 2017

My spouse bought few Roc products from Watsons store, and receipt is worth 400 TL, my spouse's skin doesn't absorb the eye cream. We went back to Watsons store with the receipt and they returned our complaint a…

05 April 2016

I was looking for a face cleanser and ask to sales consultant to find one, she told me insistently that I should buy Roc pro-cleanse. However, it ruined my face. I've never had acne problem throughout my life, I had only 3 pimples when I was teenager. They don't know wh…

15 March 2016

I bought sunscreen against dark spots, I used but it made scar around my lip area in 2 weeks, I stopped using it, but it didn't get better. My lip area is darkened for 1 week. I bought it from "cosmetica", and …

30 July 2015

I bought Rochydra24h Comfort light 40 ml for combination skin and used for 1 weeks. However, it made acne on my face. I was trusting Roc until now, I preferred Roc usually. I look at the ingredients and saw that parabens are in it. I guess it made allergy on my skin. I …

08 April 2015

I bought Roc Soleil Protection Spf 50+ Flıif 50 Ml from T**** ACAR. Unfortunately, it made my skin oily and acne. I've never had acne problem while I was teenager, but I used this cream on my vacation and it ruined my face. Besides, it doesn't protect skin against sun a…

26 July 2014

My face is ruined by Roc sunscreen which I bought from They sold expired products. It's production date is 2007. I bought that product because, I was trusting that website. I called hundreds of times but they didn't care at all.

29 May 2014


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