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I am so annoyed at what happened to my Rooms To Go delivery the other day because the moment that the delivery personnel got to my residence they started complaining about the weight of the furniture and that t…

05 April

I think that Rooms To Go provides such a shoddy service and I am so annoyed that they are like this to begin with. Something untoward happened to the furniture that we bought from them and we knew it was manufa…

15 March

I cannot believe how long it took Rooms To Go to process my request for them to pick up the furniture that I had discovered did not fit my personal living space at home. It took them so much time to even proces…

01 March

I cannot believe that the couches that I had purchased from Rooms To Go started to go bad after only a few weeks and barely even months. This was such bad quality from them so I proceeded to call their technicians who told me they were coming in a particular window of t…

16 February

I am appalled by the service of Rooms To Go because they do not even seem to care about your orders. When we ordered from them several items of furniture were missing and we had to deal with a damaged piece. We had to call them up and listen to them treat us like we don…

06 February

I recently purchased some furniture from Rooms To Go and I was really annoyed at what happened. When they delivered the furniture there was a couch that was missing and that really caused me a lot of trouble. When I spoke to one of the heads, a supervisor, I was treated…

22 January


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