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I do not appreciate the return service that I had at Ross Dress for Less and due to them, I spent hard-earned money on nothing. They did not have proper wrapping supplies to take care of my needs and I had to suffer as a result. They wrapped fragile items in plastic ins…

1 d

I am so annoyed at the employee that I had to deal with at Ross Dress for Less because I was not treated well at all. I had come to return an item that I did not have the receipt for and the employee immediatel…

02 April

I am really annoyed and hurt by the way I was treated at Ross Dress for Less because I had just tried to return a pair of shoes that I had purchased from them because they did not fit me right and an employee g…

15 March

I just want everyone to know how my area supervisor at treated me while I was pregnant. I tried to help them with the new supply that came in but she instead told me to do something else, I could not do this so…

01 March

I found that the Ross Dress for Less shop that I visited was in complete utter disarray. The clothes were all in the wrong sections and their were garments on the floor of the establishment. The manager should …

16 February

I was shopping at a Ross Dress for Less and I found the management staff to be very rude to me. I saw them whispering into each others ears while they were staring at me. Regardless, if they were talking about …

02 February

I was at Ross Dress for Less talking to one of the patrons since we were queuing to pay for the items that we were going to purchase. The manager interupts the conversation we were having by saying something that wasn't expected from a manager. She then proceeded to mak…

22 January


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