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I do not want to go to a particular Safeway location any longer because I was so appalled by what I saw in this particular location. The bathrooms were so bad that it seemed as if there was fecal matter everywhere. The sink had remnants of vomit and the place smelled an…

02 April

The cashier who usually serves me during checkout at a particular Safeway location is always rude to me. I had only tried to get my WIC coupons cashed and it seemed as if I was being judged for this. The last t…

15 March

I have been such a long time customer of the Safeway lemonade brand and lately I feel like they have been dropping the ball so hard. The quality just went down the drain. I am so angry. They used to lead the le…

01 March

I noticed an expired bag of bacon the other day at Safeway and I immediately told the attendant stocking the place about it. He saw it and made a nasty face and told me it was expired, after saying that he toss…

16 February

Safeway's delivery service is really problematic because it appears to me that they are a little understaffed with this particular service. I ordered groceries but then Safeway rang me up and told me that the delivery man had a flat tire, but they contacted me an hour a…

02 February

I have been visiting the Safeway Pharmacy in my area for a while now, and just in these last twelve months, I have been denied a refill or informed that they could not find my prescriptions. I had checked the a…

22 January


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