4447 North Central Expressway, Suite 110 PMB 406
United States - 75205 has this thing where you have to an initial dollar for the use of their services which is what they did. However, you have to cancel after this. We did not seem them charging us until the third month even though we were not using their services at all and…

09 April

I had signed up to for their free seven day trial. I did not know that I had forgotten about it, given that I have been going through so much grief as of the last few months. I called up the ScoreSense customer service in order to let them know that I had…

19 March

I am close to my ninetieth year and I do not like the usual barrage of problems that people get. I like things done quickly and efficiently and has not given me the pleasure of that. They have ju…

06 March

I am livid at the management of because they were taking exorbitant amounts of money from my account. I did not sign up for the things that they charged me for and the only way for these unauthor…

20 February

I just want to let know that there was an unauthorized charge on my card and I am absolutely livid about this because nobody asked for permission to take money from my Citi credit card. How would…

07 February

Has anyone experienced bad customer service? I have called them nearly five times for a cancelation but they are relentless and continue to take my money. I even went to the extent of getting a new credit card number but ScoreSense still found my new one …

25 January


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