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Name: FTD Companies Inc.
3715 Atherton Rd Ste 6
United States - 95765-3722

If I were you, I would be avoiding Shari's Berries because the exorbitant prices appended to them are not worth it at all. I tried ordering from them and they did not even honor the discount code that I have fr…

23 March

Do not get me wrong, I love the products that Shari's Berries offers and they are really deliciously tasty. However, I do not appreciate the fact that they would charge exorbitant prices on everything that they…

12 March

I had ordered a special treat for my mother on mother's day and Shari's Berries failed to deliver them on time which led to my surprise and my mood being ruined on that day because my mother was not able to get…

26 February

I feel like Shari's Berries has inadequate staff that seem to be inconsiderate about the plight of their customers. I had recently purchased an order of berries and flowers for Mother's Day, but unfortunately, …

14 February

A lot of people have been saying negative things about the delivery time and system of Shari's Berries and I have lately encountered what they were talking about. I called customer service to complain that my package did not arrive and all I got was an apology instead o…

31 January

This vendor had very enticing products and so we had ordered a bunch of truffles and more. I had spent basically fifty bucks but was quite unsatisfied with their products. Some of the strawberries were small in…

17 January


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