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Name: Sheplers, Inc.
Toll free: 1 888 835 4004
6501 West Kellogg
United States - 67209

I cannot believe the people at Sheplers because they did not even offer me any sort of recourse for the mistake that they made on their part. I ordered a certain type of jeans from them, but they made a mistake…

23 March

I had purchased a dress online from Sheplers and I received an email that it would only take them about a week to deliver my item. I was thrilled, however, it has already been a month and they still have not moved the dress to me at all. Calling customer service represe…

12 March

I cannot believe that places like Sheplers still exist where they seem to do anything or say anything just to line their pockets with their customers' money. It's annoying that they do not actually deliver within hours. I have been waiting for almost a month and I still…

27 February

I want to know why the purchases that I had made with were not delivered at the same time. I ordered three things and the first two were delivered to my home on two separate dates. I want to know why the third item was not delivered to me at all and what is the status o…

14 February

I had purchased an item from Sheplers about 60 days ago and I still have not received anything from their end. To make matters worse, they were not even shipped to begin with so I'm just waiting for nothing. According to their customer representatives, the item was out …

31 January

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that you guys should seriously update your website because so many items being offered are currently available. The funny thing is that you can still put th…

17 January


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