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I actually like the stuff that ShoeDazzle sells on their website and they have great prices believe it or not. However, the thing that really spoils their service is their membership fees. I have already tried …

20 March

Do not buy from ShoeDazzle unless you feel like your bank account is in need of a deduction once every month for forty dollars. I think that this is a weird sales scheme they are pulling because they claim the …

08 March

I am annoyed at companies like ShoeDazzle who will take advantage of the trust that you have placed in them and just take your credit card details and do what not with them. I hate this practice. I had bought shoes from them in the past which they charged me for and sud…

21 February

I have had it with the service of ShoeDazzle because when I purchased a pair of shoes from them recently they sent me a handbag instead. This was such an irritating experience because I needed those shoes for a…

09 February

ShoeDazzle did not give me what I ordered. I ordered a pair of shoes and they sent me a handbag instead, when I asked one of their customer representatives if I could return it, they declined because I was past the return period. This is unacceptable, couldn't they offe…

26 January


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