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Name: Shoney's North America, LLC
1717 Elm Hill Pike, Suite B-1
United States - 37210

We went to a Shoney's North America location as a large party and we all went home very disappointed with both the food and the service that we have received from them. It pretty much turns out that all the foo…

22 March

My husband and I were very annoyed at the service that we had received from Shoney's North America because they had served us food that caused us to get food poisoning. However, this was not all that happened. …

09 March

I feel like the management should investigate the way their servers do not even seem to care about the wellbeing of the customers that come to dine in at Shoney's North America. It is annoying that it seems tha…

23 February

I used to be very excited when we took the family out to Shoney's North America restaurants because they would be so excited, but not this time. The Shoney's North America branch we went to served raw chicken a…

12 February

My family members were harassed outside a Shoney's North America when they were just trying to have a quick smoke, The people that harassed them were wearing Shoney's North America uniforms and it got so bad th…

30 January

I usually have a meal here because it is relatively near to my place of work, and to be frank I really do not mind their food. It's pretty much alright and I don't have complaints. However, nobody was paying attention to me this one time and I was never offered anything…

17 January


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